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Collaborative Holiday Shopping

Here’s the problem with gift giving: you are never confident that the person you’re giving it to will like it. It’s a universal dilemma that everyone faces come the holiday season. You’ll be browsing, see a shirt and think “my daughter would love this!“, you pick it up, give it another glance then the inevitable “wait … is plaid so 2011?“. Shopping for gifts shouldn’t be this painful, so here at Spoketech, we’ve decided to offer a helping hand.

Next time you hit up the mall, leverage the power of your personal network to make shopping decisions, no matter where those individuals may be.Snap a photo of  two ties for your brother, add a voice note and send it to your sister-in-law to see which one would match his wardrobe. Once she sends that voice note back, you’ll be able to hear whether or not she really thinks it a good idea, or if she starts with the “ugh … well it’s nice …”

Two voices are always better than one, especially when it comes to deciding which Pandora charm is more relevant to your daughters life (the Eiffel Tower or the horse shoe …)


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