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Creative Ways to Use Apps to Connect with Your Child at College

Pick your poison.

You call her phone, only to leave a voicemail. She texts you back only to find a message from mom waiting in her email. Finally you call on Skype and voila! Connection made. There are so many different ways to get in touch when you’re apart that it’s best to just stick to one to guaranteed way of contact. Hey, if you’re not so good with words, try something new and connect with your college kid using photos by downloading the latest photo app to your iPhone. Sometimes a picture can describe what you’re feeling better than you can. She’ll be impressed with your initiative and you might just have found yourself a new hobby!

Letting Go

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your child, but it doesn’t have to be painful either. Remember, they still need you – you just have to let them tell you how. On their first week they’ll be faced with how much detergent to put in the washing machine, which bus to take to the mall, and how on earth they’re supposed to have a life and read the first 5 chapters of that textbook. So let them go and figure it out for themselves. Let. Go. They’ll be back, sooner than you can imagine. After all, who else is going to tell them why their entire wardrobe is suddenly pink? Use this great app to create a humorous guide on, ‘How to do Laundry, Mom-Style!’.

Content is King

We know, you just want to hear their voice and what is going on in their lives. But chances are if you call them to chitchat about every happening in the neighbourhood or stalk them on Social Media, there is a higher chance of you being un-friended! Share the things going on in your life in a creative way to inspire them to share back. Send them a trailer to the newest movie you went to see. Attach a photo of you receiving an award at work. Dress up their favourite furry friend from home in Halloween attire and send a talking photo from Rover. Light messages that they can consume on their own time help to bridge the gap between Sunday night phone calls and make them think of you with a smile on their face.

Show you care – with food.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Same goes for keeping that connection going with your kids. Nothing will ever taste better than your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or that favourite dish from Mom. A little taste of home goes a long way. Woo their friends by writing their names in icing on each cookie – it never hurts to have allies in the midst! Want to make sure they eat something other than Mr. Noodles in their new apartment? Test andshare foolproof recipes you know they will like to help inspire them in the meal-planning department. Let them save their thinking for the classroom!


Good luck and remember, only 58 short days until Christmas Break!


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