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Gift Guide 2012: For the Parents in Your Life

We’ve given you some cool ideas for gifts, but there’s always room for more! So here’s a guide for the gifts to get the parents in your life…not just yours. Read on!


Good chocolate is always a great gift idea. Now when it’s chocolate wrapped with personalized photos, what gets better than that? True, you may not know whether to eat it or stare at it, but you can’t deny that it’s a delicious idea!

Chalkboard Paint

Cool and practical at the same time – chalkboard paint rocks! Paint it on a kitchen wall, the mudroom wall, even a tabletop. It’s a great project for everyone in the family and we promise that everyone’s going to want a piece of the chalkboard wall for themselves!

Brooklyn Roasting Coffee

Every parent needs caffeinated beverages! For the coffee fanatic who also appreciates green living, this is the perfect gift. Brooklyn Roasting Company uses recyclable cans, support Fair Trade, and a whole list of other great things that make it more that just a great cup of coffee.

Morning Mug

How cool is this? When the cup is cold – it’s dark, and when it’s warm, it wakes up! Perfect way to way up every morning with some tea, coffee or hot chocolate. And it’s so much fun to watch your sleepy cup open her eyes!

Men’s Shaving Set

After watching Skyfall, we’re pretty sure every man in your life wants this shaving set. Or every woman wants the man in their life to have this shaving set. It’s so….masculine!

Personalized Signature Necklace

Moms will love wearing their kid’s handwritten name around their neck. Get the kids involved but make sure they know it’s a secret!

If you have any more ideas, we’d love to hear from you! We’re slowly building our gift guides, less than month for shopping everyone!


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