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Part 1 – Top 10 Apps for Mom This Mother’s Day

Top Apps for Mom

This blog is talking to those of us who have a Mom in the 55+ range who might not have the know-how or experience to go and research her own apps for her nifty new iPad. Don’t get me wrong, she is in love with the thing and when she is on it, it’s harder to get her attention than that of your Crackberry Colleague at the office! However, buying apps doesn’t come naturally yet to her so you are in charge of introducing her to said items of marvel and making sure they are easy to use or set up to the point where she can see the benefit to her.

Let’s dive in, shall we? I am not going to put the obvious on the list like Skype, Facebook, iBooks, Sudoku and the Weather Channel. She should just have these already…that is why she bought the iPad right? My Top 10 Apps for Mom include:

  1. Flipboard (FREE): A beautiful and really easy way to tune into her favourite web content without having to deal with bookmarks, typing in urls, or sorting through Google search results. The magazine flipping just makes more sense. HINT: Sign her up and set her up with her favourite content before she gets a look at it.
  2. A Story Before Bed (FREE): She can create a video of herself reading a selection of books to her grandchildren. Yes, that is often what we use Skype for but it is sometimes hard to schedule a time with a 3 year-old! HINT: Sign her up and take her through the process of creating one video. You can upgrade her to the paid version to access a larger selection of books.
  3. Ancestry (FREE): She can build her family tree while she watches her favourite primetime programs! HINT: Sign her up and fill her iPad with a bunch of scanned family photos to get her started.
  4. Kobo or Kindle (FREE): If you are in Canada, you may have noticed that the Store on iBooks doesn’t have a great selection – this is due to publishing rights, etc.. Get the Kobo app for your pick of what you could find right in the stores! Lots of free titles too. HINT: Sign her up and buy her first book…this one is a bit more complicated since you can’t purchase in the app. You have to buy on the website and go read it in the app. It’s worth it for the selection.
  5. Words with Friends (FREE): Zynga is doing what they do best, Social Gaming. It’s a good intro to the Social realm of possibility for your Mom while playing a game she will likely get addicted to if she is a Crossword person. HINT: Set up her profile and show her how to play.

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