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Tackle Your Photos

**UPDATE: Since I last wrote this post we have been experimenting with these scanners and it appears as though Apple will not let you synch files with the iPad through the camera connector kit unless they are from a digital camera. There is a way to ‘trick’ the iPad into thinking they are digital camera files if you re-format the folder and file names on your computer, however we think we may have a simpler solution. Watch this space and we will let you know.**

Every one of us has stacks, boxes or even closets full of old photos that would be great to have on our new tablet device for organizing, viewing and plain old reminiscing. The problem is that we generally lack the motivation to figure out a solution. Do I cart them to Staples and use the pay-per-use scanner? Um, no. Too heavy and too boring. Do I hire someone to come and pick them up and do it for me? Um, no. I don’t want to let those treasured photos out of my site! Do I buy a flatbed scanner and sit for hours on end at my pc scanning them one by one? Um…no. I dread new pc peripherals and it just doesn’t sound like any fun. Enter the personal photo digitizer.

Plug it in. Make sure it contains an SD card (the Pandigital comes with one, or use the one in your digital camera). Plug a movie into your dvd player or drink wine with a friend while feeding and scanning hundreds of photos. Take said SD card and download photos onto your pc or onto your tablet with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (for photo import only). Ta da!

The quality is not anywhere near perfect but if you are just looking for an easy and relatively quick and inexpensive way to back-up and use your collection of photos, this is it. I am off to order the Brookstone iConvert and the Apple Connection Kit for my summer visit to mom’s house. She has 3 dusty boxes of photos and a pitcher of sangria for us to tackle. Cheers!


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