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The Urban Traveller

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes a lot of shopping, a lot of gift wrapping, and a lot of getting all those gifts to the right people – seriously you could give Santa a run for his money!

So whether you’re flying off to New York this holiday season or simply trying to navigate your way through parking lots, we’ve rounded up the best apps to help you become the ultimate urban traveller – and keep you organized while you’re at it!

Google Maps: Chances are, you already have this app. If you don’t use it already, start! We’re telling you now that nothing will make you feel more like 007 on your latest traveling excursion than finding shortcuts through crazy traffic.

iTranslate Voice: One of the lucky few going to Paris for the new year? Fantastique! Beyond that, if you have no clue how to say ‘happy holidays’ in french (don’t worry, we don’t either) that’s what this handy app is for.

Flight+ Free: This app is perfect if you have friends and family coming in from all across the globe. It tracks all flights in real time so you don’t have to worry about showing up to the airport an hour late, or worrying whether or not you have 15 minutes to grab a quick coffee.

NinJumpJewel Mania, and Ultimate Word Search: Games are addictive, if they’re educational – even better! These are good for all age groups, and who knows you might  end up loving these too.

SPOKEnPHOTO: Whether you’re shopping, attending a holiday wedding, or just being silly with your 2 year old when looking at a picture of a puppy hugging a pillow, there’s no better way to track your crazy holiday adventures. Just think – that kid in Home Alone would’ve used this for everything!

Did we get all your favourite apps? Happy traveling everybody!


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